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We all enter into this life wide-eyed and idealistic.Each day we interact, learn,
and experience what life has to offer.At some point, these experiences seep into our
being and transform us from the innocent babe of childhood into a supposedly ;mature;
adult.What causes this theft of innocence?Do we all succumb in the end?These issues
are brought forth in a book of poetry by William Blake.Thefirst section of his work
deals with the idea of our blossoming innocence.Once he has fully developed this theme,
he moves on to critique the idea of ;experience; and the benefits or drawbacks contained
within.To juxtaposes these two very contrasting ideas, Blake writes paired poems that
are contained within the separate sections.He is trying to show us each notion through its
opposite and presenting the belief that one;s view is dependent solely upon the attitude
with which one perceives the situations surrounding him.The idea that we can only
understand a theme through the eyes of it;s opposite is nothing new.Along these lines
we see that innocence can only be viewed when it is lacking and you are in a state of
experience.Our view of experience cannot be seen in this same light though.It is
impossible to directly view ;experience; in a state of innocence because we have not yet
entered into this realm of being; therefore, we can only view and judge our new found
experience through the memories we hold onto of our original innocence.The bottom
line ultimately holds though, in order to gain full understanding it is imperative to
examine one theme through the use of the other.To comprehend this abstract idea, Blake
provides us with a great example in ;The Nurses Poem.;
One of thefirst things to note are the similarities between thefirst two stanzas of
each poem.Many of the words are shared between the two and even the r…