Vegas definitely seems to be desire.The desire basically

Vegas city lights are the oasis of the Nevada desert.For miles there is nothing. The roads are pitch black and the only sign of existence are the headlights on the other side of the road.Then the lights appear and draw everyone in.The line between morality and immorality is blurred, and the desire overcomes everything.Ocean's 11 symbolizes the blatant desirability of those Vegas city lights, and everything from the actors' wardrobe to camera direction emphasizes it.In "Ocean's" Vegas, Sin City is exactly that- a fast paced, bright blur through the metaphor of desire.
Ocean's 11, which was released in 2001, is basically a heist movie.Eleven people decide to rob three major casinos in Las Vegas on a fight night, where money comes rolling into the casino.Danny Ocean (George Clooney) is the lead man and he has Rusty (Bradd Pitt) as his right hand man.Although this movie doesn't really seem to have a message as its main objective, the theme definitely seems to be desire.The desire basically for anything, but in the movies case, fine living, which money, definitely, can bring.The color choice in wardrobe as well as lines and shapes in the movie can definitely bring out the point of desire the movie is trying to bring.
Through out the whole movie, very elegant and class wardrobes are picked out to represent the life style that these con-artist "desire" for.Also noticed is that Rusty's wardrobe is always a much more lighter color than Danny's, representing that Rusty symbolizes Danny's conscience, his right hand man; representing more of a saintly character than Danny.
Terry Benadict, is the owner of the casino that "Ocean's 11," is raiding. He's always wearing black which helps with his "bad guy," character in the movie, although he's really not the bad guy.T