Adolf for the anger he had toward his

Adolf Hitler was born on April 20, 1889.He was an important part of German history, but led one of the most well known massacres of the German country.In all, he killed about six million people of the Jewish community.He was insanely psychopathic, for he wanted a “perfect” race.His idea of a perfect race, was blonde hair, blue eyes, German, and not Jewish.He was the opposite of all of those things, including Jewish.His mother was part Jewish, therefore, so was he.
Adolf Hitler was born on April 29, 1889.He had a hard child hood, mainly because of his rough father.He resented his father strongly until his death.When Hitler’s father died, following his mother’s death, he was still a young boy with a lot ahead of him.Out of his five siblings, one survived.When he had nowhere to go because of his parent’s deaths, his relatives would not support him.By his early twenty’s, Hitler had a distinct idea of the Jewish community.They stood out to him, and he began to hate them.His hate for the Jews made up for the anger he had toward his close relatives.
He later joined the German army and quickly advanced through the ranks.He quickly became trained in the art of war, and was noticed by many of his superiors as a fine soldier.After several advances, Hitler received the high honor of an Iron Cross, second andfirst class.Ironically, a Jewish superior recommended him for the Iron Cross.Hitler soon became interested in politics and joined the Nazi Party.While in the Nazi Party, Hitler gained recognition and respect of others, which helped him later in life.

On November 9th 1923, Adolf Hitler attempted to take over the German Government with force.In the years before 1922 was the great depression.Germans had lost their life savings in the matter of one day.For know the people still stood by their Government but Hitler knew that it was just a matter of time.He hatched a plot in which they would kidnap the leaders of the Bavarian government and force them at gunpoint to accept Hitler as their leader.Then, according to their plan, with the aid of famous World War One General, Erich Ludendorff, they would win over the German Army, proclaim a nationwide revolt and bring down the German democratic government in Berlin.
They put this plan into action when they learned that a large gathering of business men were going to be at the Munich beer hall, and the scheduled guests were the Bavarian leaders that they wanted to kidnap.
On November 8th, Hitler’s stromtroopers burst into the Munich beer hall causing instant panic.Hitler burst through the door and fired his pistol at the ceiling.Then shouted “SILENCE!” at the stunned crowd.The national revolution has begun, Hitler shouted.”..No one may leave the hall. Unless there is immediate quiet I shall have a machine gun posted in the gallery.The Bavarian and Reich governments have been removed and a provisional national government formed. The barracks of the Reichswehr and police are occupied.The Army and the police are marching on the city under the swastika banner!”None of this was true but the people in the beer hall could not know otherwise.
Hitler then ordered the Bavarian officials into another room where Hitler informed them that they would take part in this Nazi revolution and join his Government.But to Hitler’s surprise, they just glared back at him and refused to talk. Hitler responded by waving his pistol at them and yelling:”I have four shots in my pistol! Three for you, gentlemen.T…

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