Bernini the horrible Goliath.The muscles in his legs

Bernini and Michelangelo were two artists that sculpted versions of David.Several differences spring to mind when comparing Bernini's sculpture of David with Michelangelo's. Those would be the period in which they were sculpted, the size of the statues and especially the moment in time that was chosen.In the next few paragraphs I am prepared to elaborate on these differences.
The most obvious difference I believe would be the moment in time that both artists chose to represent in carving their Davids.Bernini's David seems to be right in the middle of the battle.He is in the process of using his sling in order to defeat the horrible Goliath.The muscles in his legs are very tight as he is stepping forward. His arms and chest seem to be tensed as if he is in the process of gathering momentum in order to issue a powerful blow with the rock that is about to be hurled from his sling. Also the activity of slinging the stone seems to be pulling David's robe from his body but Bernini chose to capture this action before he is actually exposing any nudity. This statue was carved during the Baroque Era and is typical of this era because it depicts the subject in motion.This "busy" work of art certainly represents action in every way. At the time this statue was carved it also gave a new way of looking at space.It seems as if David has actually left his own designated area and has sort of spilled over into a space not his own. And let's not forget about how this particular David gives you a concept of specific time which is something else introduced by artists in the Baroque Era. There is no question in your mind that he is in the middle of a rigorous battle. Another interesting thing about Bernini's sculpture is that he actually carved it to be life-sized. I think that this helps idealize the realism that was so important to this era in art.
In contrast to Bernini's David is Michelan