Introduction In addition to this, part-time jobs


The supreme desire of each and every parent on taking their children to school is for them to get the best education and excel. Despite this fact, there comes a point in time when the student needs to supplement the income from their parents or rather source funds to even cater for their education (Sloman, 652).

As a result most students end up engaging in part-time jobs due to necessity or the desire to have some extra money to spend. The decision to engage in part-time jobs is entirely the student’s choice although some get or lack the support from their parents, tutors and friends just to mention but a few.

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Before any decision of engaging in part-time jobs is reached, three things have to be critically considered that is, the students themselves, the financial situation and finally, the type of work.

These factors considered will make the student to make decisions that they will not live to regret. This essay is therefore an in-depth analysis of the benefits of students having part-time jobs as well as a little discussion on the disadvantages.

Benefits of students who have part-time jobs

Part-time jobs are of great essentiality since students are able to earn while at the same time studying. Most part-time jobs require that one works for about three to four hours a day something that is manageable by almost every student given the fact that lessons don’t take the entire day. Some of the benefits associated with part-time jobs for students include the following;

Relief of financial burden

Students who engage in part-time jobs get paid for the services offered hence the earnings obtained can be used to partly relieve the students’ financial burden they could have.

This is because the cost of education has in the recent past sky rated making students from poor families not able to afford yet the banking systems have also failed to loan such students therefore engaging in part-time jobs makes such students meet their education expenses (Somoski 1). In addition to this, part-time jobs make students have pocket money that they can spend on their won without nagging their parents with money.

Promotion of education

Students who undertake part-time jobs are able to upgrade their study making them understand whatever they learn in school even better. For, instance an accounting students who gets a part-time job in an accounting firm will be able to experience the theory learnt in school practically hence having a better understanding of the course. The same applies to medicine, engineering, law and biology students among others (Pickett 1).

Accumulation of work experience

Engaging in part-time jobs enables the students to gain experience in their field of work hence boosting their resumes. This is important when it comes to job hunting after completion of studies.

Research has shown that student’s that have undertaken part-time jobs and gained relevant experience have an upper hand when it comes to getting jobs unlike those that are just fresh from school. On the other hand, working part-time for recognized organizations increases ones chances of landing in a better job.

Time Management Skills

Having a part-time job helps students to acquire time management skills in the sense that they treasure every time they get and use it efficiently. This happens because their study time is now preoccupied by the job thus having to restructure their schedule to fit in the study time, work time, leisure time etc.

Learn the value of money

Most parents have complained that their children who are students do not know the value of money until they get jobs. Therefore students who take part in part-time jobs while in school are in a position to understand the value of money thus using it well in future (Pickett 1). For instance, they are now able to refrain from impulse buying and result to smart shopping hence making their money to last longer than before. This as a result makes them responsible adults even in future.

Other benefits associated with part-time jobs are that the students get new ideas while in the work place (Somoski 1). This happens mostly for challenging courses that need great mind such as web-design whereby the students learn new technologies as soon as they are generated. Last but not least is the improvement in communication skills since the student interacts with different people at the work place.

Disadvantages of students engaging in part-time jobs

As mentioned above, the decision to engage in part-time jobs is wholly dependent on the student. This is because there are disadvantages that come in hand with a student engaging in part-time jobs.

Among them is the effect it has on student’s performance given the less time allocated for study (Anti Essays 1). Other students may be overwhelmed by the greed for money end up forgoing their studies to indulge in full-time jobs hence affecting their education.


In a nut-shell, it can be concluded that the pros of part-time jobs for students outweigh the cons. From the discussion above, the benefits that a student gets on deciding to engage in part-time jobs are endless. The good thing is that the disadvantages attached to part-time jobs for students are manageable depending on the mind and focus of the students in their education and life.

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