Bel many more literacy devices to deliver a

Bel Canto is a story about the
captivity of a group of individuals who, overtime begin to form bonds through language
and music. Inspired by the events of the December 17, 1996 Japanese embassy
hostage crisis, Ann Patchett does a fantastic job implicating imagery, foreshadowing,
and many more literacy devices to deliver a novel that captures the curiosity of
the reader.  

Taking place in South America at
the vice-president’s home, Mr. Hosokawa, the head of a wealthy Japanese electronic
firm along with a deep passion for opera is having a birthday party. Many international
guests come for the celebration and the appearance of Roxane Cross, a famous
American opera singer and one of the protagonists of the story. Shortly after a
group barrages the house and the party guests find themselves taken hostage by
a terrorist organization who is later identified as “La Familia de Martin
Suarez”. This is where we are introduced to Gen Watanabe, a young translator
who works for Hosokawa and plays a major role in the story. We then discover
that the terrorists are looking for the president who was rumoured to make an entrance
but decided not to go. Without the president the terrorist group are in a
predicament and begin a lengthy standoff with the government. After the terrorist
negotiated a deal with Swedish Red Cross member, Messner, most of the party
guests were allowed to go leaving an interesting cast of characters. Over the
course of the stalemate we start to see a friendship between the hostages and
the terrorists with two different relationships appearing, one between Hosokawa
and Roxane, and the other between Gen and Carmen who is a member of the terrorist’s
organization. Unfortunately, after a desperate and disregarded warning from Messner
the government military breach the property and kill the terrorists also accidently
killing Hosokawa in the process. In the epilogue Gen and Roxane who both have
lost their loved ones in the incident decided to marry.

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