Being in an echo chamber. Lastly, Beatles were

Being a producer, arranger, and audio engineer, George Martin’s formal musical experiences helped shape the Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart Club Band. As an arranger, his primary role is to make sure that every aspect of the music piece is well harmonized together. Since he was referred as the fifth members of the Beatles, his works were contributed to most of Beatles work. For example, in “Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!” he played with Lennon in the steam organ section, in “A Day in the life” he worked with McCartney to perform the orchestral climax, and with the help of audio engineer Geoff, they applied new intervention such as sound shaping and orchestra musicians randomly played to added layering. Due to his close interaction, strong involvements, and excellent expertise, Martin was able to fill the gaps between the Beatles’ work, which differentiate them from other groups and eventually made them successful (Runtagh).  Other influences helped the Beatles to shape Sgt. Pepper Lonely Heart Club Band, including jokes, love, other artists’ works, and early actions. When naming the album, McCartney was wondering “if there was a band, what would be a mad name for it” (Ombeatlesdk, 3:19). Having such unique idea about a fictional band, the Beatles grew curious and excited about music again. According to Runtagh’s finding, “as McCartney was wondering, he found Evan was confused by the packets marked “S” and “P” on the tray. “Salt and pepper,” McCartney reminded him, before making a quick aural joke: ‘Sgt. Pepper.'” it was a pun and the names were catchy. Similarly, as McCartney retrieved “Lonely Hearts Club,” a term about love. Therefore, he presented the album: “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.”   The Beatles was also inspired by Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds, which is the production of Brain Wilson, the co-founder and leader of the rock band the Beach Boys. It was his mastery arrangement and composition, which the Beatles was inspirited by and therefore, created few ideas. Surprisingly, it turned out that Beach Boy’s Pet Sounds resulted in Phil Spector’s Wall of Sound and the Beatles’ album, Rubber Soul (Varga). Having the connection, Beach Boy interpreted Beatles early work well enough for the Beatles to be inspired again. Similarly, like the Beach Boys, Beatles were inspired by Phil Spector’s Wall of Sound, which is a technique that a number of musicians perform the same instruments or part in unison and the resulting sound is re-recorded in an echo chamber. Lastly, Beatles were influenced by early actions. Being famous at the very young age provided Beatles with wealth, fame, and access to sex and drug easily. Having experienced and tired of the experiences, the Beatles grew weary of the live performances from unwelcome audiences because of their song style. Due to their early actions, they decided to retire from touring and live performances.