Before for those who influence the team like

1972 women were not allowed to play sports at all but, now it is common for us
to see them embracing their skill in the games we all love to watch. What’s not
common is seeing girls play on the guys sports teams. Should women be allowed
to compete with the men? Some people may agree and say that if a woman is
physically able to play on a guy’s team they should. However, it’s a widely
known fact that in most instances men are naturally stronger and faster. It
would be unsafe and unreasonable to allow girls to compete with the boys.

     In almost every competitive sport more and
more athletes are becoming injured because of physical violence. Girls playing
at the intensity level of the men is unsafe and puts them at a higher risk of
injury. Although it allows girls to possibly play at a higher skill level men
are more aggressive and powerful when it comes to competition. “And in most
sports, strength and size make the difference, and these attributes are
extremely important to team success. That’s why I firmly believe the sexes
should be separate in athletics”-Dr. Robert Wallace.

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well as the risk of injury the levels of comfort and difficulty of motivation will
be significantly changed when both genders are mixed in their competitive
sports. For example, a boy may not feel comfortable being aggressive toward a
girl or a girl may be more careful when going against a boy.  Both situations could possibly result in the
set back of their skill. Motivation is also a challenging factor for those who
influence the team like coaches, team captains, trainers, etc. Everyone has
their own ways of being motivated that work for them and being able to find
ways of motivation that fit both boys and girls can be difficult.

      Women competing against or with the men
is unsafe and could affect the team at more personal levels. Girls should not
be allowed to compete with the guys. Keeping separate teams is more reasonable
then risking the safety of a player.