Before have learned grammatical corrections, also, researching great

Before I joining English 111. I didn’t have enough skill with writing essays, improving analysis statements, and applying right grammar for my writing essay because I had never been thought in my  Earlier, I had never taught in high school to develop better written. however, this course opened my eyes and gives me the ability to write a useful thought and its a  beginning  of my life to become a  better writer, to reflect throughout the semester about this course, I know that I have learned something. I have learned grammatical corrections, also, researching great topic and how to reliable sources. what I  mostly learned grammar because throughout of my high school experience, it wasn’t important to check the Grammar of my assignment. Although it was necessary  most of the time, to check. but as long as  my writing making  sense to the reader and thoughtful. Since I attended this course in English 111 in UAA college structure. I was stunned because I observed the difference between, day one and my current situation about the my learned process, also seeing that I developed enough writing skills, that I never had before. My earliest assignment for this term was  Writing is a process; All writers have more to learn; writing is not perfectible?  I know this assignment will be challenged me, In all my earlier struggle with writing, I have never really been challenged to write a this type of  essay. But  I had the thought that we always do misspell a words and it might seem like a small mistake for us , but  i think it can reflect very poorly on a writer,  It’s  suggests one of two things, either when we are going to write whatever comes our mind, and spelling the way its makes sense for us, or we just go writing without taking  care enough about our writing. The knowledge of being writer it’ wasn’t  easy for me and already mention that it can not be perfect at all, and the process builds up my writing  takes time as well. As I continue my first assignment I can tell  it was totally tough at the beginning because I did not know what to write, or how to define myself as a  writer. However, I go over and reading again the examples that we were given in the class which  gives me so much helpful, but. also it  give me a reasonable to let out everything I have been tough in school, I figure out , how do I see myself as writer during the  my writing process step by step, even I  learning that writing  is only the way to  communicate  with entire world, also Everything involves writing in our society. I recognized  more my  writing goes  further it’s going to be more I received  experienced and more I discover  how to challenge myself,  when its come writing and, make less error  at end as writer  and I recognize there is no guarantee to make less misspelling  when i am writing my essays , even I make sure more than one time but I still have error. However,  since I  step up for my second assignment Narrating Health Literacy , at First I did not know how to narrating literacy but had to pause all thought in my head and, took a very deep thinking, and thought about what I would write, than I got the point I did  brainstorming and go back the rule I had been learn this course, Although the mostly outcome of the idea comes from my a rough draft because when we set groups at the desks and gave one to another our essays so everyone read other person paper and later they marked their personal tips of a way to fix the essay. which give me the hint and  knowing what I  needed to correct on the paper and from there I started a enough strong final draft. The first piece of that assignment goes very well literacy narrative. Although my hard struggle happened while I started to work on to increase the narrative within a full stretch of the essay. It was very complicated for me to gain detailed  to the essay. Next meaningful plenty of time trying to squeeze and increase the essay, I definitely understood and entered to combine much more  detail and everything I know about my topic.