William, dying Edward supposedly uttered “Into Harold’s hands

William, Duke of Normandy was promised by his cousin, King Edward to be the next King of England after the Death of King Edward, but instead Harold Godwinson took the throne.Harold Godwinson was the second most powerful man in England and an advisor to Edward. Harold and Edward became brothers-in-law when the king married Harold’s sister. With Harold becoming an even more powerful man and becoming an in-law to King Edward, Harold was a strong candidate for the throne. His claim was strengthened when the dying Edward supposedly uttered “Into Harold’s hands I commit my Kingdom.” With this kingly endorsement, the Witan (the council of royal advisors) unanimously selected Harold as King. Harold;s coronation took place the same day as Edward’s burial.
William also had a strong argument on taking the throne, he was promised by his cousin King Edward.The day that Harold was crowned King William viewed that event as defying King Edwards wishes and a sacred oath.When Harold defied this oath, William gained the support of the Pope who excommunicated Harold.
The last person claiming the right to the throne was Harald Hardrada, King of Norway, he was promised the throne by Harthcut (ruler of England before Edward) saying that who ever diesfirst must give their land to the other.Hardrada however was busy fighting for the rule of Denmark so he couldn't claim England.William took control of England in 1066 and ruled until his death in 1087.
Made in 1067, it was commissioned by the half-brother of William, Duke of Normandy, Bishop Odo.It was built to celebrate the victory William had over Harold Godwinson in the battle of Hastings on the 25th of September 1066.The tapestry is 70 meters long and 50 cm wide.In thefirst half of the tapestry William wanted to show how he was destined to take the throne of England.After that the tapestry showed how William