During greater, and the arts and crafts

During recent decades, we have found ourselves searching for personal identity and values in a world that seems to have little room for them.The vast expansion of technical information expertise and the population explosion impinge on our relationships to each other as individuals and to the world.The need for self-identity has never been greater, and the arts and crafts provide one outstanding means of making contact with the creative potential hidden within all of us.The need to produce and own man made objects in is part a reaction against the machine dominated aspect of almost all we see and touch, and also a search for our own worth has human beings.Handcraft fashions have come to a new importance because they impart a feeling of great pride and joy in knowing the work was imagined and created by an individual and not a machine.
Today Batik has resurfaced revitalized and invigorated, proving to be a technique that effectively represents the production of personal statement, a true work of art.Batik is used for individuals who wish to express their individuality through a highly rewarding medium.
The relationships between several techniques reveal what is special to each, and says something about the people who have made or value them.The study and appreciation ingenuity and sensitivity sharpens both our general awareness and our sense of process in craft.Taking for granted all the time taken to produce the craft, when all that surrounds us in the cast of nothingness, or the fabrication of elements around us, made with staples and glue, exists the structure of disciplinary interest is welcomed.You can view the pleasure through the true craftsmanship scene.There is sense of process; the combining of thirsty cloth and liquid color produces ornament not on cloth but within it.You can see within the cloth the combination and sharing with the viewer the process and identity in which it is formed.