Basically, I was in MGT 160 we

Basically, a group is made of
different kind of individuals. These individuals have different personality,
behavior, conflict style, problem solving style. For groups to develop and
function effectively first 4 stages takes place that are Forming, Storming,
Norming and Performing, problem solving, group feedback, management and
knowledge of roles. These are the qualities that makes a prefect group during
this process there might be some conflicts but after all conflicts are healthy
that gives a group direction in what and how they want to achieve their goals.

is Forming in this stage the team members are mostly positive and polite this
is because they are excited about their group members or concept. But this
stage remains for some time because as the times goes team members try to know
each other and during that period other 3 stages occurs. For example I was very
polite and positive on my first day with my group members like whatever
Jagmeet, Rupinder, Charlene, Welma’s ideas were.

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             Second, comes Storming this stages occurs when
there is any conflict going to arise or has started. The reason is as team
members try to work in their regular way that sometimes make other team members
irritated, frustrated and forced to solve a task in that particular way. For
example. In MGT 254 class as there was an activity that which was to make figures
with the help of ribbon. During that activity we all tried to push our
boundaries to get things done but didn’t go well and I started to get
frustrated and annoyed at Jagmeet and Welma.

is Norming at this stage team members try to compromise or resolve issues by
accepting the other teammate’s strength or a leader. During all this process
team members get so known to each that at one time they start asking for help
of feedback about their performance from other team member. For example, in MKT
251 I have 5 members and they all have different marketing ideas and that
sometimes caused conflicts but now we listen each other and respect everyone’s
point of view.

is Performing in this stage, group members are confident and motivated as they
are pretty much familiar with their members and also with the given goals. Last
semester while I was in MGT 160 we had lots of conflict but as the time came
closer. Everyone was focusing on the final project 30% to get good grades as it
was end of semester we all were full of energy to rid of it.