Based Japan is pay attention of customers in

on the research, Japan is the world’s third largest market which make many
companies wish to enter into it to enlarge business. Innovative is the word
that I choose to describe this country as Japan have many recent global
technology revolutions started in there. Japan is willing to develop commodity
that bring convenient to end users. There are many reasons that find it
difficult to succeed in Japan.

customers are very particular in the commodity that purchase, the commodity
must be redesign or redevelop in order to optimal the useful of the product.
This is why many customers will prefer Japanese commodity compare to Malaysia
made commodity. Before the commodity been launch into market, Japan will
pretest it to make sure that the commodity that launch into market will not
bring negative impact to end users. As this point, Japan is pay attention of
customers in order to meet customers’ satisfaction. Japan Muslim also is
looking to have functionary commodity that made by Malaysia. Therefore, Malaysia
should consider Muslim needs and Muslim custom of wearing style. Japanese side
view and Malaysia side view is different so it is vital to understand both side
view to create attractiveness commodity for enter into Japan Muslim market.

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enter into a new market, Japan will definitely avoid well known mistakes.
Mistake is not horrible but keep repeating the same mistake is irresponsible
and wasting time and resource. Learn from mistake is what Japan doing and this
is an ethical value that should be acquire by every person. For example, Thomas
Alva Edison was created first commercially practical incandescent light in
1879. His experiment have been face many failure in order to have the light
that nowadays use by everyone. He never give up even though his experiment is
not success during few times, he keep trying and trying. In addition, whenever
facing problems, escape from problem is not the right decision, however be
brave to stand in front of problem will make the successful be near to us. Lack
of preparation, lack of information and lack of planning are some example of
the common mistake that been made. Malaysia are still need to do research and
well understand regarding the new market that wish to develop in Japan. Fully
grasp the information will be helpful when making decision. However, getting
the experience from every single try is significant to improve in the next try.


Japan market entry: why can business in Japan be difficult?

ratio of internet sales has continued to increase rapidly. Almost all of the
successful shops have e-commerce and m-commerce site. In the other hand,
fashion items were not considered as items which will be sold through online
shops in the past because of its various sizes and details which might be
difficult to see through online display but nowadays, it is one of the most
increasing areas in internet sales. Online shopping is ease for customer as it
can be anywhere, anytime via computer and mobile phone with quick and reliable
delivery service for customers. Customers just need to sit back, relax and wait
for the package to be come to customers. But, Japan Muslim style in fashion is
different with Malaysia Muslim style in fashion and Japan Muslim is used to own
style therefore it is hard to change the perspective of the fashion style.

fashion market have their own style to attract Japan Muslim customers. Japan
focus on unique, the unique value for fashion in Japanese values is pretty,
lovely and youthful. Besides, the strategic use by Japan is that Japanese
fashion market is led by middle classes like OL, business person, students and
so on. OL, business persons, students buys luxury items as well as low cost
items. At this point, the target customers of the commodity in the new market
will affect the successful of the entry market.