Bangarra This company is unique to Australia because

Bangarra is one of the most exciting and young dance companies in Australia today. Ochres is a flawlesspiece: powerful, gripping and is performed phenomenally.
Bangarra Dance Theatre was formed in Sydney in 1989 by Carole Johnson, thefirst director of NAISDA, Australia’s National Indigenous Dance School, along with NAISDA graduates. Stephen Page was appointed artistic director of Bangarra Dance Theatre in 1991 and is still in that role in 2004.
This company is unique to Australia because it has only been running for 15 years but it has so much history behind every single dance that they perform, because it is all aboriginal dancing with a mix of modern contemporary dancing. Bangarra is trying to maintain the link between the traditional Indigenous cultures of Australia and new forms of contemporary artistic expression with respect and integrity.
Before viewing this piece, I had only ever seen one other aboriginal dance piece, which was even more spectacular in real life. But after now have experienced two it is easier to understand why they are doing certain moves because throughout the piece you see them moving to a position in the same way or worshipping something in the same way, but I have learnt a lot from viewing this piece and really appreciate the Aboriginal cultural dances. I didn;t enjoy ochres as much as spirit, but maybe that was
because it was on a video and it wasn;t live or as close to you.
Their movements along the floor were so important in this piece, they are as close as they possibly can be to the ground and it is almost like through some of the dance they re almost apart of the ground. This is important to this type of dance as in some different areas they may be just apart of the backdrop and have to get to their places or they might be coming on stage with people hardly noticing they are even moving around on the ground.
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