Banco market.The bank expanded its operations in

Banco Popular is the third largest commercial banking company in
Spain.While Spain is the base and the largest market for Banco Popular,
the institution has operating facilities in several other European
countries, as well as joint operating agreements to provide banking
services in Mexico and some South American countries (Banco Popular, 2004).
This overview of Banco Popular includes the history of the banking
institution and a description of the markets in which the bank
participates.The opportunities available to Banco Popular in the markets
in which it participates are discussed.The effects of government
regulations on the operation of the bank are considered.The performance
of the bank (with a primary focus on financial performance) is reviewed.
Banco Popular was founded in 1926 in Madrid, Spain as Banco Popular
EspaA?ol.Within the Spanish market, Banco Popular operates as a national
bank with headquarters in Madrid where it operates under the name Banco
Popular.Banco Popular also operates five regional banks in the Spanish
market under the names Banco de Andalucí, Banco de Castilla, Banco de
Crédito Balear, Banco de Vasconia, Banco de Galicia (Banco Popular, 2004).
Operations were established in the French in Paris in 1968, and, in
1991, the operation in Paris was expanded to 14 other locations in France.
The company’s operations in France were reorganized as Banco Popular
France, which now operates as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Banco Popular
In 2000 Banco Popular established a network of commercial banking
branches in the Portuguese market.The bank expanded its operations in
Portugal in 2002, with the acquisition of Banco Nacional de Cr;dito
Inmobiliario (BNCI).Banco Popular merged its existing banking operations
in Portugal into BNCI, which now operates as a wholly-owned subsidiary of
Banco Popular al…