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The playwright, Eugène Ionesco's ,first play, La Cantatrice Chauve translated into The Bald Soprano in 1956 is considered to have founded the movement known as the theatre of the absurd and Ionesco himself has often been labelled the father of'absurdities.' This particular play, which has upset all conventions, habitsand destroyed theatre itself has often been termed an anti-play, because it attacked and ridiculed all conventions of drama, the theatre, logic, language as well as life. Eugène Ionesco constructed this play out of nonsensical sentences, which are used to portray theirrelevance of the daily life led by the British bourgeois society who are deeply rooted in their meaningless lives.
All absurdist playwrights like Ionesco often ignored the logical structures of traditional dramatical theatre when writing their plays, which explains why Ionesco's The Bald Soprano, unlike other usual and non-absurdist plays, is basically about nothing. The characters portrayed, only capable of speaking in banal phrases and cliches are unable to communicate with each other.Lacking deep emotion or feeling of any kind, they often find themselves engaged in pointless chatter without ever really saying anything of much significance to one another. A pertinent example of this is Mr. Martin's trivial story which everyone finds to be very interesting, "well today when I went shopping to buy some vegetables; which are getting to be dearer and dearer…he was tying his shoelace which had come undone." (pg. 21-22)
Furthermore, the play lacksstructure; the author does not provide the reader with a detailed setting of the play or a very deep insight into the characters or their historical background. Therefore, the reader knows little about the play's characters other than the fact that they are a'middle class English family.' The