Aztecs art at the time including pottery and

Aztecs were very versatile when it came to world of art.They were talented of quite a few different forms of art such as stone-working, pottery, feathers workers, and even scribes were considered artist.They would make beautiful art that served many purposes.Some of which include religious depiction's, historical accounts, traditional markings, hobbyist reasons, and even buildings and those who built them were considered artisans.The art that they created is very rare in today's society and is hailed as some of the most original and thoughtful work.
The stone-workers worked incredibly hard.They would make statues from rocks and would create objects made from green jade, black obsidian, and transparent crystals. Stone-workers were trained from an early age and the skills they learned were passed on from worker to worker. To carve a statue they would use simple tools made out of wood, rock and bone. The Aztecs are thought to be possibly one of thefirst societies to use tools made especially for a certain purpose instead of just using a rock they found on the ground.The stone workers were also extremely instrumental in the building of many of the homes and temples that in today's standards seem impossible to build with their technology.
The Aztec potters didn’t use a potter’s wheel. They shaped the clay with their hands or carved it. The Aztecs would often design the inside of the pot and paint it. They usually only used two colors. The elaborately designed pots were for the rich or the ruler. Much of the art at the time including pottery and almost every kind of art was also used as a social distinction. The native Aztec designs are range from some of the most intricate to the most basic of all Indian art.
The feathers that were used for elaborate things such as a headdress which were made from tropical birds. The feathers were worked into designs and then presented to those who were to wear it. F