Reading another branch.A scientist may be more

Reading the Ayn Rand's address, I could not help but notice how appropriate to be afirst reading assignment in this class.Rand's account of being aboard a spaceship when it crashes, surviving and the questions that ensue seem to be a little like dealing with life from the moment we are born.From the moment wefirst enter this planet we are faced with the challenge of survival and soon after face life's every changing questions.It seems as if most of us decide we will be told what to do.We do answer life's questions, but in the vaguest of manners.Most people never take the time to decide the consequences of their actions.Then, when it's all over. We are never heard from again.
Perhaps the reason man struggles in his day to day existence is because he has not embraced all three branches of philosophy.As with most things in life, man embraces what is easy and comfortable.For us to reach outside our comfort zones is out of the question unless absolutely necessary.It has been determined that everyone thinks a little differently.Perhaps it is this thinking that causes man to embrace one facet of philosophy but not be open to another branch.A scientist may be more interested in the metaphysics branch where as a musician is more open to the epistemology branch while a priest may be willing to accept some philosophy from the ethics branch.
People's hesitance to find answers or to ask questions stems from being afraid of "whats out there".It is the same reason governments are so secretive.They figure the more people don't know what is going on; the less likely they are to ask questions.When people don't have answers they tend to be afraid to ask questions.What if they don't like the answer or what if the answer harms them?So it is easier to accept basing their thoughts and decisions off of what they already know from other people or have been "taug…