One of frequent debate in the nation,

One great, recent and long-lasting concern for the nation of
Australia is the precipitous decline in the Australian birth rate.The
Australian birth rate is one of the lowest birth rates in the civilized
world. Statistics have also shown that a growing number of Australian women
are postponing childbirth later and later.This is not only true of
teenage mothers but also young women in their twenties, whom are
traditionally at their most fertile biologicalpeak’ as well as more
economically and personally stable than teenagers.
The most frequently cited reasons for the low Australian birth rate,
an object of frequent debate in the nation, include the lack of available
affordable childcare as well as the fact that more and more women are
pursuing careers, eschewing motherhood until later in life, only then
finding out that hey have problems with their fertility.Also, the
proportion of the population aged 65, past childbearing age, has grown
steadily in Australia since 1975. (Australian Health Trends, 2001)
Since 1976, the Australian birth rate has been sinking below
replacement levels for the nation.This recent fall since the 1970’s is
even greater than the fall that occurred with the introduction of the birth
control pill to the nation in the 1960’s.Unlike the single factor of the
introduction of the birth control pill, the 1970’s anti-teenage mother
campaign waged by the government, cutbacks in the health system regarding
prenatal and day care, and social trends that de-emphasized motherhood have
all created a trend towards later childbirth and smaller families since
1976.The burgeoning wealth of the population, the lack of social status
accorded to motherhood in general as well as early motherhood, and even the
increased rate of travel amongst young Australians have all been blamed for
this growing trend.Also, the higher rate of congenital abnormalities…