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The Australian social security system has been in place for many years. Its
purpose is much like other social security systems throughout the world.
The system provides financial payments to those who are aged out of the
workforce as well as those who are disabled and cannot work.
The original social security system began in 1909 and its purpose was to
assist lower income retirees support themselves. As history progressed the
government relaxed the qualification requirements and eventually moved
toward a universal system. “Australians over the age of 69 received a full
age pension regardless of income, and the rules for men 65 to 69 years old
and women from 60 to 69 years old were so lax that almost all of them
qualified for a full age pension as well(Australia’s social security system
http://www. social+security+system%22+%2BAustralia=en=UTF-8).”
“Australia’s social security system helps millions of people through
difficult times (when they are unemployed, or sick, or in times of crisis).
The system also supports people with a disability and their careers, as
well as students, parents and families with children(Australia’s social
http://www. social+security+system%22+%2BAustralia=en=UTF-8).”
The system is designed to be sure there is a safety net for those who are
having a difficult time supporting themselves.
The history of the Australian social security system dates back many
decades. During this time entitlements and rules have been added and
changed to accommodate the growing need for benefits and eligibility.

• “2.8 million working-age Australians are on income support, over 20
per cent of all adults of working age. This has more than doubled in
the last 20 years, even though there are now nearly 3 million more

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; Many people rely on social security payments for a very long time.
Lone parents who claim social security spen…