1. on an average Australian male living

1. I think this view was based on an average Australian male living in those times (1958). In my opinion this image represents a person living in those tough times and and who was shaped by his/her surroundings making him/her the person that he was.
This description also vaguely matches'Michael' in Crocodile Dundee. A statement that well describes Dundee is:'…and drinks deeply on occasion. Though he is the world's best confidence man…'
2. I believe there probably was a lot of truth in this description at the time. Russell Ward goes into describing details like even vocabulary and I don't think he could make all of this up in his head because it wouldn't be published if it was totally not true.
During 1958 Australia was still a very young country with a small population based on people from many nations. The towns were small and jobs would have involved manual labour rather than being'thinking' jobs, eg: lawyer, doctor, orthodontist, etc. I think the conditions that existed in Australia back then could have shaped the person that Ward describes here to some extent.
3. From my point of view this statement still holds quite a lot of truth, even today. Having migrated to Australia in 1996 and becoming an Australian citizen I have an'outside' view of Australians.
I was born in Poland and I have been to quite a few countries in Europe but nowhere have I met people as easy going as Australians. Life in Australia is very relaxed and much less hectic compared to other countries. For example school in Poland is much, much harder than here in Australia and I couldn't imagine going back to school there.
I also find this statement very true:'…He is a hard case, skeptical about the value of religion and intellectual and cultural pursuits…'. The comment about religion is what I find true because most Australians I know don't believe in a god or …