Many relief, such as food, medicines, shelter materials

Many serious issues face this country today, and two of the most important of these issues are poverty and the provision of health care and education, both in our country and worldwide.Australia is assisting in the fight against poverty in a large way, both in Australia, and on a global scale.
Australia's has three main objectives in health care and aid.The three objectives are to improve the basic health of those in need, to improve the quality of health service delivery in developing countries and to address the health effects of natural disasters and emergencies. In 2000-2001, Australia will provide over $170 million of assistance to developing countries in many areas around the world.It is obvious that the large majority of human death in the developing world is poverty-related.Australia has been trying to improve health standards and access to basic health services for the less fortunate groups of citizens.
Developing countries are generally the world’s poorer countries, which are still in the process of developing their human, physical, and technological resources in order to improve the standard of living of their people. Developed countries are the world’s richer countries and are in a position to offer assistance to developing countries.Australia is obviously developed, therefore is involved in many foreign aid programs in about 130 countries.Some forms of aid that Australia provides are:
Project aid for curing and vaccinating harmful diseases like malaria, improving water supplies etc. , education and training programs, technological aid in the form of equipment and expert knowledge provided for agriculture, industry and other activities as well as food aid, such as emergency food aid given if a crisis is at hand.
Often emergency relief, such as food, medicines, shelter materials and clothing are donated to people affected by natural or human disasters, or war, and often distributed by non-governm…