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As a first-year student, I had no concept of what was meant by the word subjective and objective. I also never really knew what the #metoo movement was either. However, upon enrolling in this theology class, a new world began to unfold. I began to soak up the information that was presented. The most important element, of course, is that this process continues to this day. I constantly attempt to draw connections between theology class and real-life situations. In chapter three of Character, Choices, and Community, the authors emphasize two different dimensions to human actions – subjective and objective. After reading this chapter and the two scenarios of Carl’s and Jane’s with those dimensions in mind. It gave me a better understanding of what subjective and objective really meant. Objectively Carol’s and Jane’s actions are both similar because they strive to do good for others. However, their actions are driven sensibly or subjectively different. Jane only wants to do good to improve her reputation while Carol volunteers because she sincerely cares about society (Carol actions are objectively better). As for objectively, we focus on facts, and subjectively we place our feelings, observations, and beliefs on those facts. Therefore they both intertwine with each other as the dimension to our action. In module three, discussion forum 3.2 was about reflecting on how Harrison describes the role of emotions, especially anger, in the moral life. This reading discussed the connection of love and anger, unfolding sexual harassment and the #metoo movement. This reading challenged me to view love and anger from a different viewpoint. The world tends to hang on a balance. Such is nature. For every day there is a night, for every hunter there is prey. Yin and Yang. The idea is that there is balance in everything. This exists in human emotion. If there is love then there is hate. Anger is a strong emotion. It is what allows people to drive forward with much determination until they feel justified. Anger is also a messenger. It always has something to tell us about who we are and how we are connected with those around us. This is why anger can be so difficult and complicated, because it reminds us what matters to us. Harrison, connects the power of anger directly through love. Love must exist for anger to rise. Our emotions also allow us to know that is ethically right. Ethically it is reminded for victims to speak out their emotions. It is also important for society to love one another and understand each other throughout the #metoo movement in the pursuit of social justice. Like previous events emotions can cause people to come out and rise against certain subjects. In the case of the #metoo movement, people are going against sexual harassment and trying to get back at the perpetrators who committed the crime.