William the one folks say is queer, lazy

William Faulkner’s complex novel As I Lay Dying presents many different views and ideas.With the use of James Joyce’s stream of consciousness technique, Faulkner allows his reader to presented with many sides to the story and participate in the events of the story without blanking making statements.
In this beginning section Faulkner used two nonBundren characters Vernon and Cora Tull to add credibility to the story and observe the Bundrens.These characters also state different opinions of the Bundrens and are used to characterize the typical backwoods southern life.Cora is a comic caricature of a self righteous women spouting scripture.She can not always be taken seriously because of her religious prejudices.She tells the reader about the way people perceived Darl,” I always said Darl was different from those others.I always said he was the only one of them with his mother’s nature, had any natural affection.” page 20, “and he’s the one folks say is queer, lazy and just pottering around the place no better than Anse,” page 23.Cora’s husband, Vernon, is directly the opposite of her, he isa simple, honest, and credible person. His section isn’t littered with side comments and thoughts like Cora’s, he just simply stated the events as he viewed them.Previously Anse Bundren said “We be beholden to no man …never yet been, ” page 19.However, Tull says “Like most folks around here I done holp him so much already I can’t quit now,” page 32.So from Tull the fact that Anse is total dependant on others is revealed.
Also, during one of Cora’s narrations she makes a key observationabout the relationship between Addie, and her two sons, Darl and Jewel. Cora says that Addie was always partial to Jewel, “but that it was between her and Darl that the understanding and the true love was.” page 23.This is significant because it affects how the two brothers act towards one another….