As commercial bribery to ensure that an agency

As a public agency that has been in existence
for over 75 years, The PTC operates with a bureaucratic structure. It is
defined as “an organizational structure with highly routine operating tasks
achieved through specialization, very formalized rules and regulations, tasks
that are grouped into functional departments, centralized authority, narrow
spans of control, and decision making that follows the chain of command”
(Robbins and Judge, 2017, p. 501). The authority is organized in a way that the
highest level of leadership controls each level of subordinates which in turn
controls another layer of leaders. At the very top of the organizational chart
is PA Governor Tom Wolf and Lieutenant Governor Mike Stack. Then the next layer
is made up of the PA Turnpike Commissioners. The Commission is comprised of
five members, four of who are appointed by the Governor with consent of
two-thirds of the members of the PA Senate for a four-year term. The remaining
member, the Secretary of the PA Department of Transportation, is an ex-officio
meaning the person in this position does not need to be voted in. The third
layer in the hierarchy involves the PA Turnpike Executives. The executives are
comprised of the Chief Executive Officer and the Chief Operating Officer.
Serving under them are the Chief Information Officer, Chief Financial Officer,
Chief Engineer, Chief Compliance Officer, and Chief Counsel. The layers of the
hierarchy continue with directors, managers, supervisors, and so on.

A few years back, the PTC was involved in a
corruption scandal, known as the “Pay to Play” case, which damaged its
reputation in the eyes of Pennsylvanians. The former COO and Chairman of the
Turnpike were accused of engaging in bid-rigging and commercial bribery to
ensure that an agency contractor received well-paid contracts in 2005 and 2008
(Frantz, 2013). Since the debacle, much of the leadership at the Turnpike
Commission has changed. The organization also made policy changes in light of
the charges brought forth by the case. Unfortunately, the organization is still
trying to regain its trust and reputation from the public. The self-serving
behaviors of some people caused harm that others will have to spend years
rebuilding. The leadership structure was certainly shaken up by the scandal. I
am hopeful that current leaders use ethical leadership and recognize the
ability of power to corrupt. 

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