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The arts of the past, present and future
When asked, "what is art?" many people will respond simply by referring to art as paintings. Art involves so much more than paintings. Almost anything in today's world if done in the correct fashion can be categorized as some form of art. Art includes but is not limited to paintings. It also includes music, sculptures, theater, literature and many others. In this paper I would like to touch on a few forms of art that I enjoy.
Thefirst form I would like to talk about is two- dimensional art. Two-dimensional art includes paintings, drawings, prints, and photographs. Which are all differently defined by the technique used. Paintings and drawings can be made with oils, watercolor, tempera, acrylics, ink or pencil. Each of these mediums has its own distinct look to it. The characteristics are all different for the media mentioned above. Oils are one of the most popular used media in paintings. Oils offer a range of colors and do not dry quickly allowing the artist to alter any mistakes.
Next I would like to inform you about sculpture. Unlike two-dimensional art sculpture is three-dimensional. Sculptures have an element that two-dimensional art does not, mass. Mass includes the size, shape, and volume of the forms. The sculpture itself defines actual space and may be full-round, relief, or linear. Also unlike two-dimensional art sculptures can be viewed from all sides (full-round).
Third, architecture is another form of art used in the unique buildings all around us. There are many varieties of architecture but I would like to talk about one of them, structure. Many structures include post-and-lintel, cantilever, arch, bearing wall, and skeleton frame structures. Post-and-lintel are laying horizontal pieces across vertical supports, it is one of the oldest forms of structural systems. When interior space was more important the arch was used. Whether it was in vaults (arche…