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There was an impending doom coming to the small town of Calamity.Unbeknownst to the citizens it would comefirstly upon a church on the outskirts of a town.A few people were inside as the doom came closer.Preacher Tom was thefirst one in the church to sees what would haunt the town and was scared out of his wits.He pushes a young woman out of the doorway as he speeds into the church.He continues to bar the door and close up all of the windows as the surprised group stares on at him with suspicion.He dropped to his knees and prayed as a loud noise echoed through the building.The crowd began to scream as the windows rattled and the building swayed.All of a sudden, a whimper could be heard from the back side of the building.The sound was unmistakable, it was the tiny voice of little Lisa Cunningham.Mrs. Hamm hobbled quickly over to the door before anyone else could react.She threw the door open as Father Ted finally came to his senses.Lisa flung herself through the door into the arms of Mrs. Hamm.Father Ted lunged for the door and slammed his shoulder into it right before an unknown force bashed against the other
side.Mrs. Hamm grasped the child as and attempted to console her as a sharp pain erupted in her breast.She looked down and saw a dark stain growing on her blue dress and jerked the child away.Everyone's eyes went wide as they saw the scene unfolding before them.Lisa stood smiling; face covered in blood, and began to laugh hysterically.Mrs. Hamm was becoming hysterical as well, as she noticed that one side of her chest had become smaller than the other as a huge chunk had been bitten away by the child.
Above the chaos that was a young man, nearly the same age as Lisa, who was taking in the entire scene with a grimace from the loft on the second level of the church.He could not believe what he was taking in, but he had a strange sort of familiarity with the scene.Dave, being a …