Artists the same mistakes repeatedly. Consider an artist

Artists should pay little attention to their critics.* Criticism tends to undermine and constrain the artist’s creativity.
*those who evaluate works of art, such as novels, films, music, paintings, etc.
The theme of artists and criticism has been one of the contentious subjects.Criticism may cause bad effects , as mentioned in the statement above, and on the other hand most of the time it can be constructive too. In the following essay I would like to support the fact that although criticism may some times be deteriorating but can be helpful and most of the time can cause promotion in different fields of art.
As a matter of fact criticism in art is, explaining the artistic work in words. On the base of this definition, it;s the artist who creates the work of art and the critic is responsible for evaluating the strong or erroneous zones of the work. So it is in consequence of the cooperation between artist and critic well together that a masterpiece comes to existence. When an artist creates a work he has made it on the base of his pure emotions and the belief he wanted to transfer to the society from his own perspective. Such a work is very respectful because the work is reflecting the pure thoughts of the artist but it can get promoted and may attract more people if it is examined from different viewpoints and other perspectives.Such a criticism can make the work forever and add to its value.
On the other hand Criticism will prevent the artist from doing the same mistakes repeatedly. Consider an artist who doesn;t pay attention to the critics, he won;t realize the weak points of his work. He may repeat his mistakes frequently while if he gets the constructive critics of his work he absolutely will take advantage of new conceptions and use them in his later works.
Although criticism is most of the time beneficial for the artists and their later works but in some cases harsh criticism and the critic