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Artists: David HockneyDavid Hockney is considered as one of the most iconic British visual artist who specialize in painting, photography, sculptor , and a designer as well in 19th century. He was Born in Bradford ,a inland city in England, 1937. From the years between 1953 and 1957, Hockney study in Bradford School of Art majoring in fine art. two years after his graduation, he went to London continue his further study in loyal college of art . From years of 1961, David Hockney traveled to the United States many times. After graduating from the Royal College of Art, he began living in the United States and created a number of well-known pieces. In 1970’s he taught at the University of Iowa and the University of California. By the way, He has his first solo exhibition in gallery of Kasmin in 1966. Hockney followed Hamilton in the early years to develop Pop art. In the 1960s, pop art was the heyday of the United States with representatives of R · Lichtenstein and A. Warhol. Their characteristics are based on people’s necessities of daily life as the painting object, the use of physical collage, the method of environmental design, the image is fine, deformed, with the nature of advertising design, the picture shows the indifferent style. Hockney’s paintings for decades absorbed this pop art style and creatively blended into his paintings. His paintings are slightly deformed in realism, both fine photographic realistic and exaggerated distortion of the combination of the kind of person and existence, subtle human and social changes in the deep hidden in his work. David Hockney’s exhibition in Pompidou Center Museum  To celebrate the 80th birthday of British artist David Hockney, the Pompidou Center, Tate Britain and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York hosted David Hockney A retrospective of works, featuring 160 works by David Hockney at the Pompidou Center. A significant portion of this work was created by Hockney in his early 60s in California .In addition to California series of works , the rest of the works include photo collages in 1980s, and a large number of digital manipulated works , as well as  the latest series of works made by iphone and Ipad. In terms of the diversity and quantity of art works, I personally believe that this is David Hockney’s largest retrospective exhibition in nearly 20 years. Besides painting,   some other multimedia art Hockney has also tried such as, photo collages, print and stage design has been exhibited. the most exquisite theme is the portrait and landscape. Hockney’s portrait in the exhibition is around 21, mostly from the late 1960s to the 1970s. In contrast, his love of landscapes (especially indoors) is simply Irreplaceable. Hockney is good at portray the pool, gardens, blue wraparound patio with the strong and bright color, he was considerably influenced by Fauvism, Cubism, post-Impressionist. Hockney tend to emphasize about the color and size of objects. After the magnification of the grass leaves, carpets, wallpaper, etc. in the painting, the color effect seems to have been aggravated, a large area of solid color makes the viewer to feel shocked. The most attractive series of works in the exhibition was these works produced in 1970s, Hockney’s works during this period are often related to sex. Indeed, “sex” has been the main theme of Hockney’s work for quite a long time, as we all know,  David is a homosexual, he never hide that, in many works have expressed his desire for flesh and his desire for sex. Also This series of works is my favorite art works. In “David Hockney Portraits,” there are many paintings about male nudity and same-sexism. Of course the most notable one is” Peter Getting Out of Nick’s Pool”, One of Hockney’s earliest portraits, painted in 1966, is said to have been based on a photograph of Peter Schlesinger leaning back in front of a car.  David Hockney,peter getting out of the Nick’s pool,1966The painting was Created in a Honeycomb friend’s villa in Los Angeles in 1966, the image shows us a young figure out of the bath where the young man in the portrait has only a naked back, giving the viewer more space of the imagination, the structure of the image is composition of vertical and horizontal lines, the edge of the pool divides the whole image into two part, square windows, horizontal lines and light colors give viewer a sensation of cold,which is opposite with a hot summer day the image shows. Except some elements of pop art, we also could find the influence of cubism.for example, geometric shapes,and fragments in the painting. When i analyze this painting, I have to mention Peter Schlesinger who is David Hockney’s first gay lover. They met in Los Angeles in 1966 when Peter was only 19 and was a student studying art at UCLA. While.Hockney was a teacher at the University of Colorado. In Hockney’s opinion, Peter is undoubtedly a beautiful incarnation of his California dream – he is handsome, young and simple. After many years, Hockney also kept in mind: “peter is not only beautiful, but also full of curiosity, full of wisdom.This five-month duration Hockney retrospective exhibition in Pompidou center gave me a very different experience,these works on display throughout hochney’s whole career.his art works records all the people who have had social relations and even physical relationships with Hockney for 50 years. those are his parents, his brother,