I so quiet and peaceful, I can go

I have numerous artistic influences that date back to when I was a child.My mother's family is so creative and crafty; I remember my aunt would always think of little projects for us kids to get our hands messy.My mother always encouraged me in everything that I did and do even if it was the worst thing that she had ever saw, she still found some good in it. My father was in a band, I would always be in the garage while they practiced and I would sit with him and listen to records of Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, and other old artists.I always loved to draw when I was younger, even though I am not that great of an artist now.
Whenever I need some inspiration, I like to go to the beach, to the park, or just simply to lie on my mother's bed.I like the beach because there is always something happening there always so many people but at the same time the ocean is so calming.I always have to take a deep breath in order to take in how vast the ocean really is, it's a beautiful place to collect yourself.The park is also a great place to lay and relax, or play on the playground; I enjoy observing people running around at the park.People watching anywhere can inspire tons of ideas for so many different projects.My mother's bedroom is so quiet and peaceful, I can go to her closet and look through old family picture albums while lying my head down comfortably on the bed.My mother to me symbolizes everything comforting, just a picture of her brings a smile to my face.
I enjoy listening to a range of different styles of music. The music that I most listen to is Drum and Bass or Jungle, it is always linked to the rave scene because that is the only place that it used to be played.I don't think that this music is as appreciated as other types of music because of its roots, but I enjoy hearing it because it can be really upbeat sometimes and a minute later it can totally break and slow down.It usua…