When appreciate both the extreme and the lighter

When the idea of a personal artistic experience comes to mind, there are a number of things that must considered.Thefirst thing is the term art. What is art?One's idea of art can vary greatly according to culture and definition.Art is a form of self expression that manifests itself by ways of beliefs, ideals and perception.That is to say that art mirrors the inner self of the person that makes it and of the ones the appreciate it.Artistic moments are times that everyone experiences in their lives.The next thing that comes to mind is how does on define an artistic moment?In my knowledge an artistic moment is defined by three things. One's ability to make art, appreciation of it, and other people's perception of such an art. An artistic moment that I experienced was something that manifested through me a few months ago.
The artistic moment that I experienced was musical in content.You see, music is a form of art.I have never really ever learned how to play any instruments over the years and was starting to learn how to play the electric guitar.Actually, music is something that I really enjoy and have learned how to appreciate both the extreme and the lighter forms of it.There are a number of artists that appeal to my kind of artistic musical skill.The artistic experience involved me playing some of the songs on the guitar.I wasactually able to play some of the songs on the guitar without any lessons. I played many of the songs by ear.I actually wrote a couple tracks that day and I really felt a great deal of joy by doing so. I think that to be able to make music, it does take an amount of artistic skill. Some friends of mine have actually told me something that I never really even thought of before.They proposed to me that just by listening to music is an artistic experience in itself.I think that this may be true to some extents.
I was also able to appreciate the music that I…