Freedom views. He used disturbing images of

Freedom in itself is a term that is widely used to describe "no boundaries'. To have no boundaries is a dream for every individual although each individuals dream of freedom differs.
Artists gained out of there dreams of freedom buy portraying them in visual arts. Artists such as Peter Booth, Trevor Nickolls and Kathe Kollwitz. Each of these artists use human form, contemporary aboriginal art and real life experiences.
Peter Booth used post modernism to express his freedom views. He used disturbing images of the insane to portray a journey or progress of loneliness and isolation, both restraints off freedom.
His Social view is an astute contemporary world view, he suggests that society is accountable for its own crimes. A constant state of mutation and metamorphoses into living things, such as animal headed monsters and hybrid of bird or insect life creates a world in his pieces of no other then restraints. Overall Booth is a great example of an artists who uses freedom to evoke strong reactions from the audience and associate with wider world issues.
Deep tenderness is felt through audiences around the world when they encounter Kathe Kollwitz intense works. Restraints and freedom is very much involved with life's hardships and fleeting joys. Personal experiences depict Kollwitz's main subject of suffering of humanity. Deeply traumatized with Germany's rising poverty and prostitution, Kollwitztried to use her art to alleviate these freedom problems.
Social views expressed by Kollwitz reveal her intimacy for sorrow involving the plight of woman, especially mothers and children. Kollwitz presents an affirmative view of working-class woman whom in Germany face freedom problems regularly. Woman with dead child is a great example of her Kollwitz used freedom to enhance her overall visual look.
Trevor Nickolls was born in 1949, he is widely known for his own personal identity being unique, and also usi…