Why by art.Everyone is involved with art whenever

Why is art necessary?"It is necessary for us to give physical form to things we feel,think, and imagine."We use art in everyday living such as communicating information, day-to-day living, spiritual sustenance, personal expression, social and political purposes, and visual delight.
Art can be used for communicating information.Art can make a strong statement, clearly understood by a broad spectrum of people; it is often used to impart information in both literate and non-literate societies.In some countries art is used to educate the illiterate, to enlighten the literate, and to entertain the enlightened.Photography, film, and television have proven to be particularly useful for recording and communicating.Through artistic presentation information often becomes more accessible and memorable than it would be through words alone.
Art can also be used for day-to-day living. Nearly all the objects and spaces we use in our public and private lives were designed by art and design professionals.Our buildings, towns, and cities have been designed by art.Everyone is involved with art whenever we make decisions about how to style our hair, what clothes to wear, or how to furnish and arrange our living spaces, art is being implemented.
Art also can be used for spiritual sustenance.In many societies, all the arts have a spiritual component.Spiritual and/or magical purposes apparently motivated the making of the world's earliest carving s and cave paintings.Before the developments of farming and writing, the arts helped sustain bands of hunter-gathers.
Art is also used for personal expression.Through art, artists can reveal themselves so clearly that we feel we know them.An element of expression exists in all art, even when the art is produced cooperatively by many individuals as in filmmaking and architecture.The intended purpose for the art affects the nature and degree of the personal expr…