Art if you go to the projects

Art has been a major part of my life for many years.Some art I've done include portraits and paintings.Some art I've done even involves spray painting.Art can be classified into two areas.
Thefirst type of art is traditional art.For example, Pablo Picasso did traditional paintings, and sculptures.Sculptures are anything that's molded from materials such as clay.That means even when you were in preschool playing with play dough you were a junior artist!Traditional art is okay sometimes, but I prefer nontraditional art.
The second type of art that I prefer is nontraditional art.If you go to the ghetto and see spray painting on the walls or if you go to the projects and see graffiti on the elevators, that's a form of nontraditional art.Some forms of nontraditional art can be found on clothes.For example, if you have ever worn an airbrush shirt you have worn a form of nontraditional art!So basically anything from airbrushing to graffiti is a form of nontraditional art.
If you want to be an artist there is certain advice you must follow.First, make sure your work is neat.On yourfirst draft don't draw too hard, draw lightly.Second, if you decide to go out and write graffiti on school property, don't let any adult see it.Third, be open-minded when you're working on your artwork.Last but not least, if atfirst you don't succeed, try again.Follow my tips and you'll be on the road to becoming a perfect artist.