My piece was done from a scene in the Stephen King book, "The Wastelands", that depicts a young boy and his discovery of, preliminarily a key, and a rose.
This piece relays a feeling of mystery and intrigue through its use of color and actual objects integrated within it.A young boy with black hair and a suit with a backpack is seen reaching for a key on the ground.However, his attention is focused on a rose a short distance in front of him with a golden universe revolving in the middle.Ghost-like faces surround the boy and the rose heightening the supernatural feel of the scene.In addition, floating throughout the scene is what appears to be fire flies that enhance the surreal setting of the picture.The boy's color serves to draw attention to himself as a secondary subject of the picture, he is seen in dull contrasting colors not too dramatic as to divert attention from the primary subject of the film, the rose.A brilliant red and bright gold are used to emphasize the rose's presence.The faces and surrounding images are black are dull in reference to the rest of the piece and are used to serve as a background fill!
er, except for the key.The key, though dull in nature, is made distinctive through the boy's action of reaching for it.The picture seems to tell a story of discovery, then shock at the sight of something intriguing.Overall, I personally feel that this is a well done and interesting piece.