Thefirst believe that The Nerve is a

Thefirst artwork that I had had looked at was Radio Tori, a ceramic arch built by Peter King.It was myfirst time inside the WUWF radio station building.I found the building to be quite beautiful.The architecture was well done outside the building.Inside, there were various artworks inside the hallway.The Radio Tori seemed to fit right in with the radio station theme.
The second sculpture that was on the critique I had honestly walked by almost everyday and had never noticed that it was there.I do not think that The Nerve, by Marlo Battle fits in where its home is.I did not see any plaque saying who had created it, or a title.I believe that The Nerve is a great idea, in front of a psychology building, but outside in the midst of all of the tall trees, and outdoor setting, I really think that it takes away from the sculpture. I think that not only the artwork is important, but also where it is going to have a home.
Radio Tori, created by Peter King, is a clay sculpture, with ceramic pieces.It stands approximately twelve feet tall.The Tori is an arch.In between the arch is wide enough to walk under.The Tori is decorated by various pieces of ceramic decorated in beautiful patterns and colors.Patterns such as waves, triangles, were used.There are also bolts that the head of them show, for decoration.The Tori is larger at the base than at the top.At the top, there is two twin towers.The tower on the left has what seems to be some kind of light going off like a light bulb.On the right tower, there is a round fountain like object.In the middle, there is a cave like object, and inside that object there is something inside of it that you can only see from the front.I could not see what was in there because I am so short.One interesting thing that I noticed was at the bottom of the Radio Tori; there is a ceramic electric plug.
The Nerve, by Marlo Battle, is a 3-D half circle decor