After looking at “Interlude” by Katherine Bartel,

After looking at "Interlude" by Katherine Bartel, I noticed many different objects.The main things that were noticeable from thefirst look were two blue chairs on the floor full of wheat growing out of it. Between the two chairs sat a white table with an open drawer. There was an apron on the back of the right chair. On the table there was a jar of jam, tray with biscuits, big bowl in the middle of the table with towel on top of it. The table itself stood against a white wall with a window right above it. There was a TV set planted inside the window. The window had a white window shade and white curtains pulled to the sides. There was a grass trim by the ceiling and white candles on the windowsill. Inside the open drawer there was an old cookbook and the big bowl was filled with sugar.
This work of art was life-size scale. The grass and all of the objects represented naturalism. Because everything was mostly white, the objects created idealism. The style was very plain. The table, window sill, and others created horizontal lines; while the wheat, curtains, legs of chairs and table, created vertical lines. The actual textures was consisted of all the objects present, and the visual texture was made by the images in the TV. This piece contained mostly cool, symbolic colors. There was repetition of lines and repetition of white color because everything was mostly white. The artist made the emphasis on white color. This piece is symmetrical and produced illusion of motion through the television screen inside the window.
Bartel's piece was composed to show the peacefulness in the country. The candles, the sounds, wheat growing out of the floor created really peaceful, spiritual feeling. Also the white colors relaxed the eyes and produced a peaceful sensation. If the
artwork had many different colors, blacks, blues, reds, it would not produce this feeling at all.
I think Bartel was very successful on producin…