When forms are made uniquely and by

When looking into society once can be influenced by a number of issues.These issues can include art.Art is work that is put together by an individual.It is a true creative act that is used as a form of expression from the artist.Art is inspiring and can influence a society.Art work is seen through acting, music, and pictures.
Firstly, one can see art through acting.Acting is a performance in which one disguises themselves and become a different individual.Acting is an expression of oneself.This act can be seen in plays, on Television and in movies.Acting is important to a society for it provides an escape route as well as a form of entertainment.Without acting there would be more boredom.Many rely on going to plays as well as watching television.Without these forms of art, it would be difficult for one to stay entertained.Acting is a form of art that is important to a society.
Secondly, music is a form of art.Song writers and singers use their talent to make music.Music is in spring and can influence others.Music can be seen as a form of entertainment also.It is constantly being played on the radio as well as clubs and concerts.Many listen to music to become entertained.For some, listening to an inspired song can effect their views, can also influence into reaching goals.Music is a well known form of art.
Lastly, art can be seen in art galleries.Some forms of art that are usually seen are sculptures, paintings, and also photographs.All these forms are made uniquely and by persons.It is the fact that it is made by thought and made by a person that is called art.Sculptures of people and objects can be inspiring and educational to many.Paintings and photographs can contrast a mood in which can inspire a person.These forms of art are very important to society.If there were no galleriesnor any forms of art than this world would be plain.Art forms surround society making it …