Praxitele’s just had a sudden realization that she

Praxitele's Aphrodite of Knidos is a marble sculptured statue of a nude woman uncovered in a stance of fleet.It appears as if the woman is about to step into a ritual bath and has just had a sudden realization that she is being observed by the viewer; she still holds her garb that she has drawn from her shoulders.Although she appears to have no fear in being observed, she does seem to have a hint of modesty in her manifestation; her right hand is being positioned in a shielding gesture to obscure her personal area.Her lips are parted in a gentle smile as if to allure the viewer into her beauty.She seems to exude a gentleness and harmony into the air.She is quite obviously relaxed and uninhibited.As the woman transfers weight from her right leg onto her left leg, her entire body is seen almost in parallel position and the viewer can observe her geometric proportions.Her torso is frontal and her head is slightly tilted.The left arm is holding her drapery and is bent over her body, just below the breasts.Her folded arm is in direct line with her bended leg as is her extended arm with her extended leg; a stability and compactness is schemed.The vertical posture of the woman allows the eye to travel along the entire statue; the eye does not remain undirected at any point in the viewing.The woman's curvy body and expression convey a sensuous liking.She appears to be the immaculate woman.As the arms encompass the entire body, their movement establishes a basic rhythm within the woman sculpture.The woman's gaze is inviting, she stands open and defenseless ready to approach anyone.The sculptor has carved a beautifully realistic woman in an idealized state.Even the translucent surface adds a sense of sensuality to the woman.Praxitele rounds the body's posture to give the sculpture added realness; it does not appear to be stiff and immobile as it would be were the figure