There the government of China to control

There will come a time when all souls cannot escape from salvation. It is then, that
because of this , the universe will ultimately collapse.Afterward all souls will be
depressed again to live a lifetime where they have shackles forever. When a particular
place in the universe has cooled life shall emerge,although it will be many years before
This so describes the Hindu invision of the end of times in which the universe that
includes everything is destroyed and then it isrecreated again.
It is important because many people believe Hinduism is responsible for the basis of
other religions such as Buddhism, Sikkhism and Jainism which is clearly seen , as all
three believe in many of the same theories such as reincarnation.
For many of these people there is no true Armageddon only the repeat blooming and
distraction of the universe by different types of gods.This makes me wonder if these
people see Armageddon in such a different angle then conventional christians.How do
the people of Confucianism , Marxism or any of the oriental religions perceive the end of
The fact is,many of the so called religions out there do not have gods or prayer because
there would be no need ,rather they are only a philosophies on howpeopleshould live
their lives . One example would be Confucianism which ispredominately anAsian
religion that started in the ChonDynasty years 1122-897B.C. The religion was founded
by a man named Confucius who supported a project called the ritual music culture, that
more or less was set up by the government of China to control the various tribes that
inhabited the yellow river by giving them a culture that they all shared in common . This
form of idealism unfortunately was rejected.The man named Confucius traveled all over
China trying to persuade people to accept the ritual music culture , however some