1. is what decides what is right

1. Aristotle — What does Aristotle consider a virtue and how does this determine
Aristotle considers virtue to be excellence in fulfilling particular functions and
finding happiness in it.Our virtues are not just given to us at birth, but we do have the
capacity to receive and work on the virtues as life goes on.The way to make virtue a
habit is to learn it from a early age.If we learn and understand our virtues correctly they
will become habits, and we will understand what is good and what is bad.
Virtues are also not feelings, you do not just achieve them, but virtues are habit.
Virtues are what makes a person act good and understand what he or she is doing.Virtue
is a mean between two extremes, and the specific mean depends on the person.Ethical
virtue is dealing with the feelings and actions of ones self.It is said that you have to have
the right feelings, at the right time, for the right the thing and/or purpose.If that is not
followed and your actions do not explain themselves then it is not virtuous.It is hard to
be virtuous.A person that wants to be virtuous should avoid vice and also acknowledge
Morality and virtue are interconnected because morality is a person's idea of right
and wrong.As we know virtue is what decides what is right and wrong to each and every
person.So, morality is determined by virtue.