Betty references to the fact that the

Betty Edwards said, "Drawing from the Right side of the Brain."This comes with another question which is, are artists born to draw?There are many aspects of drawing that must be looked at to answer the question are artist born to draw or is it a learned skill.
Betty Edwards's statement that "Drawing from the right side of the brain," is in reference to the fact that the brain is supposed to be divided in half.One half is supposed to control basic thought processes, and the other is supposed to handle creativity.She references to the fact that the right side is for creativity and that is just as big a part of drawing, as draw each line nicely.Drawing is not only being able to draw perfectly what you see but also to imagine new things to draw, as well as interpreting and making certain messages thru your drawings which aren't there by drawing the picture itself.Her statement reflects the fact that she her self is, probably very creative in her drawings, by not only drawing things but she give them true meanings.
Drawing is both a learned talent as well as a natural talent.Both things go into drawing, learned to draw those perfect lines comes from years of practice and teaching.But that only doesn't make a good drawer, a good drawer like Betty Edwards said, is also made through their natural ability to imagine great things to draw.Not only thing but also to think of great idea and meanings to draw within these pictures.I truly believe that anyone can learn to draw but not everyone has the ability to become a great drawer because that takes great imagination and creativity which cannot be taught.