Subject: an early and effective action on

Subject: Recurring thefts of cycles from the hostel.

Dear Sir,

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We, the hostellers of the ____________ (Hostel Name) of____________ (School Name), ____________ (Place Name), want to inform you that there have been recurring cases of thefts of cycles from the hostel for the last ____________ Months. We have already lodged three complaints of thefts but, we are sorry to find that no action has been taken and the cycles have not been recovered. There seems to be some gang operating in the area that keeps lurking for on opportunity. Surprisingly, even locked cycles have been lifted.

This is causing us a great loss as well as incon­venience. That these happenings are taking place in the area under your charge and no theft getting detected speaks against the laxity of your police personnel or, may be your lack of interest in the cases. This is the last report that we are lodging with you and hope that an effective step would be taken in tracing out the cycles and in catching the culprits. We have come personally to lodge this complaint and even if after this no action is taken at your end, we shall be obliged to approach the higher authorities.

The details of the cycles stolen — their make, their number, their design, everything has been recorded in the FIR filed earlier.

We earnestly hope for an early and effective action on your part.


Yours faithfully,
Hostellers of (Hostel Name)
(School Name)