In my officers were highly satisfied with

In reply to your advertisement for an accounts clerk which appeared in ____________ (News Paper Name)” of today, I beg to apply as a candidate for the same. I give below my bio-data in brief for your kind consideration. I am a B.Com, with second division from ____________ (University Name) having passed my final examination in ____________ (Date) I had first division marks in my paper or Accountancy and Book Keeping. I have already some experience as an accounts clerk as I worked with ____________ (Electricals Name) in that capacity for over a year. Since I was a fair writer and good at figures, I was entrusted with ledger- keeping and my officers were highly satisfied with my work. I had, however, to leave that job on account of some family circumstances. I was drawing about ____________ (Amount). For the last about three months I am in the employ of M/s Lawrence Chit Fund drawing about ____________ (Amount). My employers here too are very satisfied with my work and general conduct and have promised a pay raise next year. Yet on account of certain difficulties, I feel myself no longer in a position to continue my work here.

I am a young man of about ____________ (Years) possess good health and strong character. My previous employers can speak very well of me, if you so desire. I have a good family background.

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If you please favour me with the job, I would ‘in my best to win your confidence through hard work and clean habits

Thanking you and awaiting a favourable reply,

Yours faithfully,
(Your Name)