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There are many pros and cons that go with the idea of appeasement, but overall appeasement is a poor method used to resolve situations.To appease means to pacify or conciliate, basically it was a method used by the great powers in Europe to keep Germany from becoming an international threat.Sadly the method backfired and appeasement became a cause of WWII.
Starting in 1933 Hitler began to keep his promise of making Germany a strong country, Hitler began to rearm his kingdom.According to the treat of Versailles, Germany was allowed no more than 100,000 soldiers, no air-force, and a seriously limited navy.To make Germany strong once again Hitler began to rebuild the military in secret.Against the treaty he built 1000 aircraft and trained 200,000 men.Shortly after in 1933 Hitler withdrew from the disarmament treaty as well as the league of nations.From 1933-35 Germany continued to secretly rearm to substantial numbers but on March 16th, 1935, "Hitler decided that there was no longer to rearm in secrecy."He announced that that there would be compulsorymilitary service for all men, because of this the army increased to 550,000 men.This great increase in offensive power was noticed by all the great powers, yet nothing happened.
"Germany's rearmament could have been halted by any of the great powers, but because all the major powers had their own problems to deal with, Germany was left alone."Britain's money was scarce due to the great depression but mainly wanted to stay in splendid isolation and uninvolved in international affairs.The French rather than threateningGermany with invasion, they built up their defence greatly thus creating the Maginot line.One country that did come close to taking action was Italy.In 1934 the Nazis tried to overthrow the Austrian government, many thought that Germany would want to unite Germany and Austria.To prevent this, MussoliniPlaced tro…