The a sentry reports that the edict

The video of Antigone is as sad as the story of her father, Oedipus the former king of Thebes. It started off with her brother, Polyneices trying to invade the city-state of Thebes with his Argive army. Long ago Polyneices left Thebes to be with his father, Oedipus who was thrown out of Thebes because of an edict. But now he his back to reclaim his throne, which is presently occupied by his brother Eteocles. The two brothers and their armies engage in battle and killed each other. With the last of the male in the royal family dead, Creon their uncle is next in line to become king.
As hisfirst act as king of Thebes, he issues an edict. The edict forbids anybody to bury the body of Polyneices, which is lying in the earth being eaten by birds and dogs. As the citizen of Thebes knew this edict a sentry reports that the edict has already been violated. With his fierceness Creon told the sentry that either he expose the criminal or he is to be kill.
The very next day, the sentry returns to Creon with the Princess Antigone. A baffle Creon demands to know why was the Princess Antigone brought before him. The sentry told Creon that she was the one that disobey the edict. The sentry explains that he saw Antigone last night crying, poring wine, and trying to rebury the body of Polyneices. Creon then asks Antigone if the charges that the sentry accused her of are true and she admits to it all. Creon also demands that Ismene be charge with the same crime as Antigone, because she knew about her sister’s acts and did not report it to Creon. But Antigone refused that Ismene have the equal honor. Creon on the other hand believe that Ismene should have that honor and sentence both of them to death and remove them from the palace.
Haimon, Creon’s son, seek to change his father’s mind base on reason. Because Antigone was going to be Haimon’s wife. But his father tells Haimon that he is too young to make these decisions. Haimon tell his father t…