Ansel 1927 he published hisfirst portfolio which was

Ansel Adams is one of the most recognized photographers is the history of photography. He was born in 1902 in San Francisco and at an early age had an interest in music and the piano which would later develop his professional career. In 1916 he took hisfirst photos of the Yosemite Valley, an experience that he was going to view as a lifelong inspiration. In each summer succeeding hisfirst Yosemite trip he returned to Yosemite and these trips included exploration, climbing, and photography. (Meyer 1) In 1927 he published hisfirst portfolio which was called "Parmelian Prints of the High Sierras." His decision to devote his life to photography was influenced by Paul Strand whom Adams met in 1930. After he met with Alfred Stieglitz in 1933 Adams decided to open a gallery in San Francisco. Thefirst of his books were dealing with how to master to photographic image. (Meyer 2) During the next couple years he moved into the Yosemite Valley and made numerous trips all around the Southwest. During 1940 Adams and David McAlphin assisted in the founding of the Department of Photography at the Museum of Modern Art. During the rest of his life he received numerous awards and took countless extraordinary photos. He also wrote numerous technical photo manuals, which included the "Basic Photo-Book" series. (Meyer 4) These books showed how to do everything a photograph consisted of from lighting and filters to developing. Ansel Adams used different lighting effects and different filters to give each of his photographs a certain concept or feel. These techniques helped him achieve which he called "perfect photographic clarity." His photos "Monolith: The face of Half Dome," "The Golden Gate before the Bridge,""Moonrise," and "Frozen Lakes and Cliffs," all show his personal skills for photography.
The "Monolith: The Face of Half Dome