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Animus Strategy:-We believe that success is attracted by using a well built plan of action as a tool to pull it towards us and work by following that, by creating endless opportunities and solutions to our clients we strive to be the best in our kind since 1999.24×7 esteemed services:-At finnblue technologies we serve people every second nationally and internationally. So, by doing it we now have our happy clients, which is the best kept secret of many and we also believe in a systematic way of approach to elevate your business globally .We develop your idea:-Having a thought about developing a business? Finn blue helps you to develop your idea with the best of the services and supports you throughout the process and boosts your business idea to reach millions. WE EXCEL IN :-Enterprise Apps:-we’ve specialized in sourcing Enterprise Applications talent across ERP, CRM & Business Intelligence (Advanced Analytics). We leverage our global network of professionals to help businesses of all sizes take their Enterprise Applications to the next level.Our team closely follow their markets and are well connected to a talent pool of quality candidates in such markets as SAP, Oracle, Dynamics, Salesforce and Sharepoint.Our Enterprise Apps Team Specialises in: Salesforce , SAP , MS Dynamics CRM , MS Dynamics AX , Data warehousing, Oracle and more…Technologgy:-Our team of  techies excel with niche skills in the areas of technology like project services, development, architecture, business intelligence, security and infrastructure.we believe in a relation based approach and help our clients to develop their career journey and by doing so wee now have an unrivalled number of clients throughout the globe .. Our Technology Team Specialises in: Project Service, Infrastructure , Architecture , Development , Clouds, Devops , JAVA, .NET and more…Digital:-Finn blue is a renowned consulting brand with its unique way of developing tools and guide you through the obscure phases of search engine optimization (SEO) alongside providing you the best of the security and efficiency services. Our team has been working efficiently building great networks across the globe for over a decade and offering a wide range of digital services like UI/UX, development, content strategy, CX & e-commerce.Our Digital Team Specialises in Digital marketing, Data Analytics, Development, Mobile, Social, UX, Search, SEO and more…Consulting:As a resource partner finn blue  has been offering a wide range of end-to-end it outsourcing and staffing solutions to companies, we also offer personalised and professional services matching the customers needs.our dedicated team of management professionals have proven a track record of clients including a several fortune 500 and global MNC’s.