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Animal Farm Book Report

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Animal Farm was written by George
Orwell, he was a British author and was a well-known novelist and produced two
master pieces Animal Farm and Nineteen Eighty-Four that he wrote in the late 1940s.  In both of his book he said that
totalitarianism and especially Stalinism, was very bad. Animal farm is a symbol
of the corruption of the socialist ideals of the Russian Revolution by

The story begins in England in a
farm named Manor Farm. The farm was owned by a farmer named Mr. Jones. Manor
Farm was in a really bad shape because of their owner Mr. Jones, whom always drunk
and mean and abuse the animals. An old pig called Major persuade other animals
to revolt because human beings were used to exploiting animals cruelly and they
won’t stop until each one of the humans disappeared. Major told the animals
that he had a vision, he dreamed about the “Beast of England”, this leads to
the revolution against the human beings. 
However, after a few days, Major the old pig was slaughtered, and two
young pigs, Snowball and Napoleon inherited Major’s role as their new leaders

Three months had passed, the two
pigs lead the revolt against Mr. Jones and successfully chased Mr. Jones away
from the farm. The two pigs established a new community where they created a
fair society made only by animals and introduced laws known as the seven
commandments. The real definition about the seven commandments are basically
saying, “All Animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others.”
The pigs also changed the name of the farm, from ‘Manor Farm’ to ‘Animal Farm’.
Not long after the two pigs, Snowball and Napoleon start to fight for

One day, Snowball was announcing
his plan to build a new windmill, however out of nowhere, Napoleon came in with
nine brutal dogs to attack Snowball. Snowball barely escape the grip of the
teeth of dogs, he was bleeding as we ran away from the farm. With no one
standing in Napoleon way, Napoleon became the real dictator of the farm.
Whoever dares to defy him get obliterated by his dogs. Moreover, if anything
bad happen in the farm, Napoleon would always blame Snowball, and say he was
the one that did it, for example when the windmill was wrecked, Napoleon told
all the farm animals that Snowball was sneaking around the farm and destroy all
their hard work.

Under Napoleon’s dictatorship, everyone
that use useless to him was taken care of. When the strongest horse in the farm
lost his strength to continue working due to his old age, Napoleon made no
second though and throw the horse away. Basically in the end Napoleon was the
new Mr. Jones, he pitied no one and they exploited the other farm animals. They
even contacted some human beings for business even though they already stated
in their seven commandments that two legs are bad. Ultimately, the pigs became
the new human beings, nothing had really changed and all the effort that was
put into the revolution at the beginning was useless.

After reading this book, several
theme could be observed. The most obvious theme that I noticed was the theme
‘greed’. Greed is one of the biblical seven deadly sins and can manifest itself
in several different ways. There are numerous examples in the story like the characters of the pigs
automatically have the connotation of greed where pigs in stories were often
portrayed as ‘greedy pig’. This is shown to be true as the story progresses,
the pigs take a larger and larger share of the available food. This lead to
salvation and as the animals become more deprived of food, the pigs live in
more and more luxury. They not only drink the milk that is produced, but also
start to drink alcohol. It is telling us reader that they desire for alcohol
leads them to explore methods of brewing and that the money raised by selling
Boxer for glue is spent on alcohol.

In addition, another theme I
observed was the theme ‘betrayal’, this theme could be traced form the
beginning of the story all the way through to the end. For example, the
Horse, Boxer was loyal and he was a really nice horse. However, being nice and
hardworking only made people like Napoleon to take advantage of, once Boxer
became inadequate he was thrown aside. Another ‘betrayal’ was seen when the
animals’ faith and belief in Napoleon’s leadership is betrayed. In the end, the
animals end up being worked harder and treated worse under Napoleon than they
ever did under Mr Jones.

          Lastly, the theme ‘leadership’ could
be observed, this is an important theme because after doing some research
online I found out that this was the reasons for the authors to write the
novel. The author wanted to draw people’s attention to the fact that the
Communist leaders had taken the ideas of Karl Marx and exploited them for their
own means. We could also use the horses Boxer and Clover to analysis this theme.
Boxer and Clover were loyal and unquestioning followers. Neither of them have
enough intelligence to see through the lies pigs. Boxer has two maxims, where
he basically only says ‘I will work harder’ and ‘Napoleon is always right’,
eventually his blind
obedience leads Boxer to work himself almost to death and then the pigs sold
him off.

conclusion, the novel shows how an equal society set up by a group of farm
animals turns into a dictatorship, it shows us the reality of corruption of the
revolution. It reflected on the history and opened a brand new perspective for
me. In my opinion, in order for the animal to receive the liberal community
they mustn’t fight against one ruler and then support another one. They must
realize the definition of democracy and have a stable political system.