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When envisioning in your mind what Pop Art precisely is, there is no artist
that could provide a more lucid example of this other than Andy Warhol.Through the use of paintings, sculptures, drawings, and films, Warhol transformed the standard of modern art by making more vibrant and lively features.His nonconforming style attracted much of society that included many celebrities.Using many techniques such as isolation, repetition and colour placement, Warhol brought to the world of art his views on materialism, politics, economics and the media.Warhol’s works were meant to be taken at face value, for nothing more than what they portrayed on the surface.Much of his life can be visualized through his extensive time capsule located in the Andy Warhol Museum.Everything he thought to be interesting and valuable was gathered together and set in containers so that that his own human experiences could be captured in time for the general public to view.In my own experience of viewing the time capsule, I noticed that there were many prominent themes in each individual vitrine that represented some segment of Warhol’s life and ideas.
In thefirst vitrine, it was apparent that the theme was politics and entertainment of the era, which were obviously very important matters to him. These matters were important to him because he always wanted to keep up to date with cultural trends so that he could reflect them in his art pieces.This vitrine contained items such as publications of the 1960’s, magazines that promoted sexual openness, and photographs of Marilyn Monroe, a definite icon of the era.
The second vitrine displayed many items that pertained to the production of Warhol’s films.Some contents include a letter from Rick Clayton (a man who sat in for a Warhol screen test), postcards, letters, a marriage invitation, and pornography.These items relating to his films were noteworthy because they reflect some the most sign…